Time Management Tips for CLAT 2018

Time Management Tips for CLAT

Time Management Tips for CLAT – How to manage time well in Common Law Admission Test, Tips and Strategy

Time Management Tips for CLAT

Common Law Admission Test or CLAT is an All India online examination organized by The National University of Advanced legal Studies, Kochi, Kerala. It is conducted on rotational basis by the participating 19 universities across the country. This exam provides admissions to both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. CLAT 2018  is scheduled for Sunday, May 13.

CLAT is one of the most competitive exams and managing time effectively and efficiently is very important to crack this exam. Not organizing time efficiently is the main factor responsible for failure in this exam. Lack of time is the main reason why candidates do not complete the exam. For effective time management, the candidate needs to be attentive as well as quick while answering the exam. With 200 questions in 2 hours to be answered is a very tough task. The success in this can be achieved only by managing time effectively.

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Effective Time Management Tips for CLAT :

Prepare a Time Table or Study Schedule

This is the most important step during your preparation. Make a list of topics as per the latest CLAT syllabus that you have to cover and the weight age to each topic. Time table will give you guidelines on how to go about preparing for the exam. Time the preparation, so that you do not get stuck in difficult topics and waste time. Do not over-stress, take breaks in between. This will help you to freshen up your senses and thinking capacity.

Allocate Time for Each section

The initial step before answering any exam is efficiently managing time by allotting time to the various sections in the paper. Efficient utilization of time is definitely the key to success.

Here is a tentative allotment of time:

Section Total Questions Maximum marks Level of difficulty Time allotted
Reasoning 40 40 Moderate 30-35 mins
English language 40 40 Moderate to difficult 20-25 mins
Quantitative aptitude 20 20 Moderate to difficult 15-20 mins
General knowledge 50 50 Moderate 10-12 mins
Legal reasoning 50 50 Moderate to difficult 25-30 mins
Total 200 200   90-110 mins


This time schedule has to be modified depending on your strengths and weaknesses. As per the experts all the aspirants appearing for CLAT should attempt General knowledge followed by English and then legal reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and reasoning. The candidate should be very attentive and quick and not waste time unnecessarily on any section. Even if you have not completed a particular section, just skip it and move on to the next section. Since there is no sectional cut off marks assigned in CLAT it is not necessary to answer all questions. Be quick and keep some time for the last. During the last few minutes that you have attempt those questions and review the ones which you have failed to answer.

Follow time that you have decided for each question

In every section, the candidates must allot time for each question in a section. This will give you an idea about the pattern and type of questions that you can attempt fast and first. This is by scanning the entire section and knowing which can be done fast. The efficient time management technique is to scan the entire question paper once but quickly.

Skip the questions that you don’t know

Do not waste time in questions that you do not know the answer. Move on quickly to the next question. Do not linger around that question or do not spend more time on questions from your favourite topics. Respect every single second.

Understand  the Question in First Reading 

Solve previous years CLAT Question Paper. Understand the question in just one reading. For this be present both physically as well as mentally. Absorb the question with just with one read and answer it. This will give lots of spare time. Be alert and attentive.

Do not try to Overdo

Follow your instinct and know your limits and do what is possible within your limits. Do not go to just waste time by over doing it. Follow the time pattern that you have set for each question and each section too. Do not just wander away from the question or the topic.Be alert and attentive. This is the ideal way to manage time effectively. Crack CLAT definitely by managing time effectively.

Hope this article on ‘Time Management Tips for CLAT’ will help you in the exam. Stay tuned for more updates.

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