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How to prepare for Legal Aptitude for CLAT 2017


Any serious CLAT aspirant knows the importance of Legal Aptitude section in the CLAT or any other law entrance examination. This importance stems from the fact that it consists of 50 marks in CLAT, which is the highest composition of any subject (along with GK), Legal Aptitude also acts as a tie breaker in case two aspirants score exactly the same marks in CLAT. Furthermore, this is the section which can be mastered with minimum effort in comparison with any other subjects in the CLAT.

Let’s see how can Legal Aptitude be studied, improved and mastered by any CLAT aspirant:

  1. The importance of Principles

Let’s think from the perspective of the person making your CLAT paper – has he attended the classes you’ve attended of Legal Aptitude? NO! Has he read the books you’ve read? NO! Thus, he won’t be deriving Legal Aptitude answers on the basis of any external knowledge, but only on the basis of what’s given in the Principle. Thus, before going ahead with any answer, make sure you’ve compared the reasoning with the answer with the text of the Principle. In absolute majority of the answers, the language of the correct answer and that of the Principle would be very similar.

  1. Importance of Previous Years’ Papers

The CLAT/AILET/SET etc authorities, on multiple occasions, have directly picked up questions asked in the previous years to set up the paper for the current year. In addition to this, on a lot of occasions, even if they’ve changed the questions, they have kept the format and language very similar to questions asked in the previous years. Thus, is makes a lot of sense to be prepared with the previous years’ CLAT/AILET questions beforehand. LegalEdge has, in its booklets, included a booklet with previous years’ questions and their authentic answers.

  1. Don’t ignore Legal Knowledge

Legal Knowledge has often been the surprise element of CLAT. Though it has been asked almost every year in AILET and SET, the CLAT authorities have gone for Legal Knowledge on most of the occasions. Thus, be thoroughly prepared with questions on Constitutional Law, General Legal Knowledge (Maxims, legal terms etc).

Furthermore, don’t forget to prepare thoroughly for Current Legal Knowledge also. Thus, any news of the past one year relating to Judiciary, recently passed laws, Parliament etc is of high relevance and should be done properly. Questions have come almost every year in AILET on Current Legal Knowledge and most of the questions of CLAT 2015 were on this topic.

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