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How to prepare for Logical Reasoning in CLAT 2017


Step 1: Collect the relevant material.

1.    Go through all the past year papers of CLAT and AILET to aware yourself of the kind, type and variety of questions asked in these examinations. Make a list of all the variety that you are notice while reading the texts.

2.    Go through the Preparation checklist prepared by LegalEdge Tutorials. There you will find the relative importance of each topic under every section.

3.    Pick some standard material for your preparation. We would suggest Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal, Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey, LegalEdge Tutorials set of Booklets. These set of booklets shall cover everything; even the past year papers.

Step 2: Make a plan to wrap up the collected material.

1.    You can start with Chapter 6 from RS Aggarwal (dont shy away from looking at the solutions. They will help you big time in understanding strategies to solve variety of questions)  and then move to Chapter 12. Once you are done with both, I suggest you revise them thoroughly.

2.    Its time to pick LegalEdge Booklet 1 and 2. You have solve these sets at least twice before you march forward.

3.    You can now move to Booklets IV and V of LegalEdge Tutorials. These booklets are relatively easy and have enough questions for thorough practice.

4.    After having completed the above set of booklets its time to solve Chapter 1, 9, 15 and Coding-Decoding from RS Aggarwal.

5.    Now you should pick up MK Pandey and start doing questions on conclusions, assumptions, course of action etc. Do not ignore the theory behind these questions and also one should not shy away from going through the solutions. Each solution shall give you a better approach for the next question.

6.    Follow this up by LegalEdge Booklet III.

7.    Its time you turn the pages of LegalEdge Booklets VI and VII.

8.    Meanwhile start attempting and analysing the CLAT and AILET Mock Test Series of LegalEdge Tutorials. Every question covered in the test series is of utmost importance for your selection. You should have revised  them at least twice before writing CLAT and AILET.

9.    At the end go through the Past Year Papers of CLAT and AILET provided by LegalEdge Tutorials. Also their GMB (Grand Masters Box) has to be thoroughly completed before the D-day.

Key Points to prepare Logical Reasoning in CLAT.

1.    It’s a game of patience and practice. The more you practice the better you will become.

2.    Give Mathematics and English Language due respect. Stand up and salute. Everyday :) The better you are with them; specially Mathematics and Comprehension skills, the better you will become with Logical Reasoning.

3.    Do not wrap up topics superficially. When you say that your topic is complete from a particular book, then make sure that it is 100% complete. Each and every question has been comprehensively completed.

4.    Revision is the key to success. So its not about going through a topic once but involving oneself with it the second time or even the third time. Its during these revisions that you get the concepts clearer.

5.    I am sure if you are abide by the points mentioned in this article, then you are surely looking at a very high score in Logical Reasoning

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