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Low Mock Scores! What Next? - What to prepare for CLAT in the last 40 days

What to prepare for CLAT in the last 40 days

What are low mock scores? Can one define it? Its completely relative. So lets take a case where someone is not in the Top 10% in his coaching institution. So yes, lets define 'low score' as not being there in the Top 10%.

Now before even worrying about your low mock test scores, answer the following questions:

1. Have you prepared enough to score well in mocks? 

2. Have you analysed enough to know the areas that you have to work on?

3. Have you consciously made an effort towards improvement?

We have seen many students who wish to score high, be among the toppers and dream of getting high scores. But they completely forget that high scores are generated after months and months of hard work. Probably consciously slogging for 8-10 hours a day apart from the regular coaching classes. So if you have not been among those who have put 8hours of preparation for CLAT over the last 4-5 months at least, I am sorry to say you wont be scoring too high in the regular mocks. Sorry for being brutally honest here.  

But what if you wish to score better from here on? You want to do better in every test paper you write and finally want to end up giving your best shot on the D-day. Find below a list of suggestions to improve your preparations from here on.

1. Focus on Current Affairs (Nov-May). Its too late to develop Static GK now. Go through the LegalEdge Prep checklist and check the 5 star marked static gk topic. The max that you can do is go through them twice; Yes, revision will be important.

2. Wrap up all 4 and 5 star rated topics (ratings are available on the LE checklist) of Logical Reasoning and Legal Aptitude/Reasoning. Revise them again.

3. Complete all 4 and 5 star rated topics of Mathematics. You can easily score a 7-8 in the Mathematics section.

4. Practice 2 RCs daily, complete high frequency word list (available on Google), and practice 7-8 parajumbles daily. Practice other topics on English from Mocks itself.

5. Complete all 49 Mock Test Papers of LegalEdge-TopRankers thoroughly. Ideally you should have revised each section at least twice. As it is you have filtered your preparation so these set of mock test papers become your bible. Try and solve them by reaching to the core concepts of the questions. The initial 15 papers will  take a lot of time; probably 20 days, because you will find a bunch of new concepts, but the next 29 papers can be completed in 10 days (as these concepts will get repeated). Revise them as many times as you can.

6. Study till 14 May 2017, 2:00pm. You wont be able to study for CLAT 2017 beyond this time, even if you wish to.

7. Visit temple daily and pray for atleast 10mins. :-)

Wish you Superpower and Superluck.

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